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“Fall”ing Apples

November 7, 2010 Teachnet Staff 0

Fall has officially arrived, and now that we’re gearing up for cooler weather and a new crop of goodies, apples have become a hot topic. This compilation of apple activities and crafts comes direct from our T2T contributors.

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Genealogy: Family Trees

November 7, 2010 Teachnet Staff 1

Mapping out a family tree can be a great opportunity for younger children to learn more about “where they come from.” Often, seeing their immediate family drawn out on paper will help them to remember relatives better and understand those relationships of how those relatives are, well, related!

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Filing Early

November 6, 2010 Teachnet Staff 0

Have your kids keep a “What’s Cool” file, of items clipped from newspapers and magazines, items that make them say, “wow, that’s neat.” And build   >>>