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Placing ads on our web pages not only brings the attention of educators to your brand, but also helps us to continue to provide ongoing assistance to teachers worldwide.

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CPMs are available starting at $4. Call us at 913-221-8469 to learn more.

Banner Ads
(all prices effective 10/2010)
Ads are served on a random basis and statistics are logged for total exposures per billing cycle, number of click-throughs and percentage of click-throughs to total exposures. All placements are ROS only. Ads can go online almost immediately and most forms of rich media are accepted. We offer the following standard placements:

  • Standard Horizontal Banner 468×60 or 728×90 (our pages are formatted for the leaderboard size, so we encourage you to take advantage of this larger format for the same price)
  • Square Button 125×125 (right-column placement below Skyscraper)
  • Skyscraper 120×600 (vertical)

Teachnet OMNI Sponsorship
(effective 4/2010)
One single OMNI sponsor receives exclusive consistent advertising and branding prominently at the very top of every page. This prime spot provides repeat exposure and a higher level of affiliation with Teachnet, and includes one non-rotating skyscraper ad spot on the Teachnet front page to call attention to the OMNI sponsor. Cost for site sponsorship is a flat monthly rate. Call us to discuss discounts and pricing details.

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