Kids Listless? Give Them Lists.

Overview: To help students recognize lists, and practice assembling one for their own use.
Resources: Teacher: none. Student: pencil, paper.
Teacher Preparation: 15 items for an imaginary grocery list.
Procedure Ideas:

1. Ask for a volunteer or choose a student to come to the front of the class.
2. Tell them to imagine that you are sending them to buy groceries.
3. Quickly name 15 items that could be purchased at the grocery store.
4. Hurry them toward the door, then have them stop and name all the items you needed.
5. Use this exercise as a lead-in to a discussion of making lists and ask for examples of other lists.
6. Have students make a list of names and phone numbers that are frequently called or are important.
7. Have a discussion of headings or categories that the numbers might fall under.
8. Students rewrite the list, using the headings to group numbers for easier reference.
9. Students can take the list home to be added to and to use at home.

Variations/Options: Real world uses for lists could include recipes, thank you note lists, things to pack for a trip, jobs to do, school supply lists, the list goes on and on.