Where Were You When…?

Overview: Have students interview their parents or grandparents about certain historical events, taking notes about where they were and what they remember, to share later with the class.
Teacher Preparation: Add to this list, select events and make a list.

Event Ideas:

* First man walked on the moon
* Kennedy assassinations
* Ronald Reagan was shot
* Mount Saint Helens erupted
* President Nixon resigned
* Challenger accident
* Bombing in Oklahoma City
* John Lennon shot
* Elvis Presley died
* The Berlin Wall came down
* September 11, 2001

Points to Remember: You could go over the journalism topics: who, what, when, where, why, how. Parents can talk about the feelings they had at the time of the event, making for meaningful sharing time with their child. Have students make their own list of events from last year that they remember, to discuss with their parents.