The U.S. Westward Movement

Objective: The student will incorporate research, creative writing and design skills.
Resources: Teacher: Library resources for trails research; drawing paper. Students: paper, pencil, scissors, marker, crayons.
Teacher Preparation: Arrange time to use library (3-4 class periods). Write trail names on small pieces of paper: Cumberland Gap, Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Chisholm Trail, or the settlement movements of your choice.

1. Procedure: Divide class into working groups.
2. Have one student from each group draw a trail name.
3. The students should write a brief report about their trail answering questions like: When was the trail started? When was the year it was last used? What groups of people used the trail? Where did the trail begin and end?
4. Have students write a final copy.
5. Ask students to design a travel brochure for their trail. They need to keep in mind the time period the trails were traveled, and write for that time period (i.e. no television advertising!)
6. Students create brochure with available art materials.

Variations/Options: Create other types of advertising; create wanted posters.