Hieroglyphic Art Project

Grades: 3-12

Objective: Students will translate words and ideas into pictures.

Teacher: Examples of hieroglyphics
Students: paper and pencil.

Teacher Preparation: Use this as a part of a project on Egyptian or other civilizations that used hieroglyphics for written communication, or just as an introduction to such. Locate library books or encyclopedias referencing hieroglyphics.

1. Procedure: Have students make a list of words or phrases that could be drawn as symbols.
2. Using the symbols, have them make rough sentences or paragraphs.
3. They can start by making sentences from the list of words, then drawing the symbols in order above or below the sentence.
4. Have students share their work with the class.

Variations/Options: Teacher can slant this lesson either more toward language arts, or toward art and the drawing itself.