Identifying Parts of a Flower

Objective: The student will be able to identify, dissect, display and label parts of a flower.
Resources: Teacher: flowers (lilies are especially easy to distinguish stamen and pistils), tweezers, white paper, clear tape. Students: pencil.
Teacher Preparation: This lesson assumes a prerequisite lesson on parts of the flower. Flower blooms will be needed (see tip above).

1. Procedure: Each student or pair of students should be given a flower bloom, tweezers, white sheet of paper and clear tape.
2. Have the students locate the stamen, pistil and petals of the flower.
3. With tweezers or fingers, students should remove the three flower parts.
4. The students should tape these to a white sheet of paper and label each part.
5. If enough flowers are available, the students may also tape on the paper a complete flower for comparison.

Variations/Options: Accompanying paragraphs to describe the parts labeled; use multiple flowers per group to show differences between different blossoms.