Frogs: Grow Your Own

Raising frogs from tadpoles sounds like a great idea, except for possibly wading through muck trying to scoop them up. Contributor Kimberle Steinberg tipped us off with a solution: Grow-A-Frog kits. She purchased her tadpole over two years ago and watched it grow into a frog that is still alive and kicking today.

We were surprised to find these kits come complete with mini-aquariums and all the supplies to raise healthy, happy frogs. Two kits are available:

* Stage One: For $15.95, you receive a tadpole with a habitat and everything to raise it. The tadpoles are somewhat transparent; you can see inside their bodies to view their heart beating. In 6-8 weeks the tadpole undergoes metamorphosis into an adult frog.
* Stage Two: $9.95 buys you an adult frog with habitat and food. Their average life span is five years, but the record is 17 years.
* Kits come with detailed instructions and answers to common questions, like “how to you tell boy frogs from girl frogs?”

These are aquatic frogs which spend their entire life in water; the habitat and supplies provide the right balance of algae and other microorganisms to keep the frog healthy and well-fed. Grow-A-Frog frogs are domesticated frogs bred on Three Rivers’ farms; Three Rivers claims they are not found in nature. And yes, they are guaranteed to live.

To order contact:

Three Rivers of Brooksville, Inc.
Attn: Liz Rutter
P.O. Box 10369
Brooksville, FL 34603
(352) 544-0333
Fax (353) 848-0100