Draw From a Fuzzy Idea

Objective: The student will be able to view and draw an object from an unusual perspective.
Resources: Teacher: opaque projector, flat three-dimensional objects to fit projector, white paper. Students: paper, pencil.
Teacher Preparation: Locate projector and objects to draw, particularly single color objects like wrenches or kitchen utensils. Know where to project on wall so entire class can view.

1. Procedure: Place white paper on projector tray.
2. Put object for drawing on white paper, and project on wall in sharp focus.
3. Instruct students to draw the object, older grades can work on shading as well as defining the shape. Allow 5 minutes for the drawing.
4. Adjust focus, throwing object sightly out of focus.
5. Instruct students to draw object again.
6. Younger grades can display pictures side-by-side.

Variations/Options: Older grades, especially high school drawing classes, can draw progressively fuzzier images as exercise for visualizing and drawing gray tones with pencil.