A Different Kind of Shadow Box

Teacher: Overhead projector; plastic shoe box; construction paper; tape; variety of small items (key, string, crayon, paper clips, candy, coins, clothespin, etc. depending on age of students). Students: paper and pencil.
Teacher Preparation: Cover sides of box using tape and paper. Place items in box.

1. Procedure: Place box on overhead projector.
2. Instruct students to observe shadows of items on screen or wall.
3. Turn on overhead projector for 5-10 seconds.
4. Give students 1-2 minutes to list what they saw.
5. Ask students to read items from list.
6. Turn on projector and remove each item as it is called out.

Variations/Options: Students can submit their own items for guessing; use as a lead-in for an art project where students must visualize a photogram or shadow of an object and draw it with black marker or cut out of construction paper.