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Getting a Headstart: Classroom Chores

November 10, 2010 Teachnet Staff 0

The summer vacation has barely started for most teachers, yet already many feel that they must begin planning for the upcoming year. And, even for those who have a vacation-, school-, or work-free summer, preparing a little at a time is a great way to avoid stress as the end of the summer nears.

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Getting Down To Business (Settling Kids Down)

November 8, 2010 Teachnet Staff 0

Oh, the excitement of a new year! Imagine those hallways the first day back… everyone talking, laughing, comparing schedules, comparing lunches, greeting old friends and meeting new ones. With all the hustle and bustle, how in the world are you ever going to get them to be quiet once the bell rings? Everyone can probably agree that on the first day, you might not get them quiet right away! But as the year starts up, now is the time to get into a groove, and form habits that will be healthy and helpful for everyone involved.

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Why are you required to take this class?

November 7, 2010 Teachnet Staff 0

History is study of the past so that one can learn about their position in the present. In other words, “How did I get here?” In order to understand how a person has arrived in the place and setting that they are in, it is important to learn about the events and situations that have shaped and influenced our community, society, and human condition.

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My Own Self

October 28, 2010 Teachnet Staff 0

Have students create a short auto-biographical essay or list of personal facts, then decorate it with a photo and a fingerprint. You can guarantee that no two will be the same.