My Own Self

Submitted by: Ashley Roberts

Grade level: 2-8

To find out what’s unique about all of your students.

Teacher Preparation:
You will need construction paper, pictures of students, and tape.

Ask students to write a page or paragraph about themselves (what they like, their parents’ names, how old they are, etc.) When their story is complete, have them paste it, along with a picture of themselves, onto a piece of construction paper. Then let them draw a circle on a separate sheet of paper with a pencil and fill it in making sure there’s plenty of lead on the paper, then tell them to put their thumb on the paper where they filled in the circle and make sure it has plenty of lead on it. Then they put their thumb on a small piece of tape and then put the small piece of tape underneath their picture. So now you have a paper about them, their picture, and their fingerprint. With younger students you may want to discuss how fingerprints are unique.

It helps them understand more about themselves and know that they are a individual.

Real World Usage:
Guidance lesson