Classroom Organization: Identification, Storage & Filing

Portable First Aid Kit
For recess, we are carrying first aid kits with squeeze bottles of cleanser and band aids to deal with the liability of contamination from one person to the next. Students can take this to the restroom to clean up and cover minor scrapes. For more serious looking injuries, they just go to the nurses office. Everything is in a plastic bag with a plastic hook built into the top, for carrying on a belt loop.

Keep Track of Calculators
If your class owns calculators, as opposed to students bringing their own, keep track of them by wrapping a label on the top end and numbering each one, then standing them in a shoebox or other container where they can stand up on end so the labels are visible from the top. Assign each student a number, and make them sort them numerically when they return them.

Quick Identification Technique
Type in “Property Of: (your name and room number)” in a word processing program, using different sizes of small type and repeating to fill the entire sheet. Then print it out on a bright yellow or orange sheet. Cut the individual pieces out as needed, attaching to calculators, fans, books, etc. with a slightly larger piece of clear tape. Or use a sticky back label material to eliminate the taping part. No more writing with markers, more eye catching plus it looks much neater.