Banana Bucks: Sometimes Goofy is Best!

You’ve actually decided to reward your students some way, somehow. You’ve already eliminated candy because you don’t want to be responsible for rotting their teeth out. Money sounds appealing, but it is, well, expensive?

Use our Banana Bucks, cheap money we already have ready to go for you…just print and cut it up…sort of like they do the real stuff. If you want to go whole hog, print on construction paper and laminate for long-lasting use.

To use, simply download or open this PDF file and print (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Download the Banana Bucks file

Brainstorm your own ways to use this fake money as a reward in the classroom, or here’s some starting points suggested by Teachnet readers:

* Good behavior
* Meeting expectations
* Achieving goals
* Academic excellence
* Good attendance
* Memorizing math facts
* Completing homework
* Behaving for substitute teachers

Students could use the money to get:

* Extra recess time
* Extra time on computer
* Sit at teacher’s desk
* Help in another classroom
* Messenger of the day
* Buy from a toy chest
* Add points to a paper or assignment
* “No Homework” pass
* Chew gum in class
* or, buy a banana split from the teacher!

Have fun!