Bulletin Board: The Places We’ll Go!

Watch the video and follow these simple instructions to create your own “The Places We’ll Go!” bulletin board, or your own variation.

1. Measure the space you will use for the headline, then draw your headline on a chalk board, using the same size space.

2. Tape a piece of black (or dark colored) bulletin board or poster paper on top of the letters you’ve drawn in chalk.

3. Being careful not to move the paper, rub on the paper to transfer the chalk to the back of the paper.

4. Remove the paper from the board and turn in chalk-up onto another, lighter, piece of paper. Be sure you are on a surface that you can use to cut on with a razor blade.

5. Using a brand new, very sharp (be careful!) blade, cut through both layers of paper, following the chalk outlines.

6. Turn your finished letters over and slide the lighter paper just slightly off center to create a dropshadow.
7. Staple to the bulletin board exactly as you originally drew it on the chalk board.

8. Remember, this isn’t rocket science! Hang another piece of black paper on the bulletin board and carefully cut two parallel curves to make a roadway. Staple in place.

9. Cut yellow lines and attach them down the center of the two lanes.

10. Hand-letter road signs and attach them to brown or gray “poles” by holding them in place and stapling through both pieces of paper. Create many! You can even arrange these “places” in the order you will teach them.

11. Attach a small car and you’re done! Create your own or find a lightweight toy. You could even choose to move your car down the road as you pass each “place” and finish those lessons!