St. Patrick of Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, is a time of parades and celebration here in the U.S. In addition to touring the sites below, consider exploring with your class how you might celebrate everyone’s heritage in your class.

A Wee Bit of Fun: A history of St. Patrick’s Day along with explanations of leprechauns, a Blarney Stone, and why people wear green.

Have your students dedicate study the origin of the flag of Ireland. They will uncover lessons in history and many different Irish flags.

All About Shamrocks: Encourage your class to compare notes on a variety of greens. Three leaves or four? What exactly is clover? Make the research even “greener” by discussing what types of green ground cover are native to your area. Can you go outside and find some clover?

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? by Carol Moore is a charming short story about a boy named Patrick who despised homework, but got some help from an elf.

Who were the Celts?
A history of the Celtic people and how they became the occupants of Ireland and Scotland.