April Fool’s Day

“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. ”
– Mark Twain

How do you trick your students? We want to know! One T2T contributor tells us that she prints the morning lesson backwards so her students have to turn it over and hold it up to the light to read it!

Mix up the entire faculty: pick a “job for the day” from a hat; the principal could end up as a janitor or librarian!

April Fools Resources & Links:

FlipText generates upside-down typed text. Use FlipText on a handout or test, or even on Facebook.

I teach 7th grade science and one year on April Fool’s Eve, America Online (my ISP at the time) posted headlines announcing that the recent Jupiter probe had discovered life forms in the atmosphere of this planet. They included .wav files of the recorded sounds. It was very convincing! (I was sucked in and left to ponder the implications of the discovery of life in our solar system). The next morning when I logged on for an update, the prank was revealed. Nevertheless, I printed out transparencies of the article and captured my classes’ attention the next day with this startling announcement at the beginning of each period. The remarks were spontaneous and awed. At the end of the period, when I revealed the truth – some kids were not surprised; others, like me were left dumbfounded by the switch- and enlightened by the course of their own thoughts. It was the best April Fools trick ever! This year I may spend time with optical illusions or science magic. Sort of “tricks for your eyes.” Unless one of you have a great alternative prank! -Carol in CO

I knew I had this somewhere – it’s not the original which gave instructions such as stand up, turn around twice, clap your hands, etc. – I made some changes to keep things quieter—have fun! -j diamond

This is a timed test. You will be allowed only two minutes to complete it, therefore you must work quickly. Record your responses on this sheet of paper.

1. Read everything before you do anything.
2. Print your name in the upper right corner of your paper.
3. Draw two squares in the lower left corner.
4. Place an “x” in one square and an “o” in the other.
5. Write your grade level in the lower right corner.
6. Print today’s date under your name.
7. Draw three circles in the upper left corner of your paper.
8. Divide each circle in half by drawing a line through the center horizontally.
9. Sign your name in the lower right corner.
10. Draw a circle around your signature.
11. Write your birthday under your signature.
12. Now that you have finished reading everything, do only as directed in the first sentence.

Will you see the Loof Lirpa Bird?
Every year I write a homework sheet telling the children that the Loof bird returns to our town around this time. I write that they have to follow the directions to see the Loof Lirpa bird, because it’s a very careful bird. They have to go outside and stand on the steps (veranda, patio, deck, whatever). There they have to look to the sky and call “Loof Loopa! Loof Lirpa! Loof Lirpa!” and he will appear. If he doesn’t, you go back inside, look into the mirror and do the same thing. This time, for sure, you’ll see Loof Lirpa. Then, you are to draw a picture of Loof Lirpa. It is surprising how many I do fool. Sound too cruel? We have a good laugh next day. Many children draw me as Loof Lirpa. By the way, I’m sure by this time you’ve noticed that Loof Lirpa is April Fool spelled backwards.
-Robert Clarke, Grade 4, Persalvic School in Victoria, Newfoundland, Canada.

Do you have a great trick that you’ve used with your students, or have they found a way to trick you? Share your April Fool story today, and stop by the next time April 1st rolls around for a list of accessible classroom jokes and pranks. Leave a comment below!