Cool Whip Lid/Grocery Sack Ghost

tems Required:
Cool Whip Lid or other similar sheer white lid
3 Black Construction Paper circles for eyes and mouth
2 sheer white plastic grocery sacks
2 white pipe cleaner (chenille stem)
Scotch tape
glue stick
Black yarn
Hole punch

Glue eyes and mouth on front of lid. Cut off any writing or graphics, and handles from grocery sacks. Lay the sacks on a flat surface. With scissors, shred 2″ strips up sacks leaving at least 1″ area in tact next to the seam. Glue the pipe cleaner/chenille stem into the seam. Turn lid over on flat surface. Bend and insert the pipe cleaner/seam into the ridge around the bottom 1/2 of the lid. Tape to secure in place. Repeat with the 2nd sack and stem, and insert in the ridge around the upper 1/2 of the lid. Punch a hole through top of the lid. Thread a length of yarn through the hole appropriate for hanging. My day care kids preferred to have a loop on the end of a 1 1/2′ length so they could hold on and run with them. They “fly” nicely and appear as though the kids are being “chased” by a little ghost!