Creepy-Crawly Spider Bracelets

Items Needed:
Black Construction Paper
Wiggly Eyes
White paper (for “fangs”)
Paper Fastener
White Crayon

1. Fold black construction paper in half.
2. Along folded edge, lay child’s hand palm down (midway through palm) and trace fingers with white crayon.
3. Cut out the outline of the fingers.
4. Unfold and you have a complete image of a spider with eight legs. Now turn the spider over and with the pencil, roll the legs around the pencil…this makes the legs curl under and gives a more creepy, crawly effect.
5. Cut a 1″ strip of black paper from the remaining scraps, and form it into a circle for the bracelet part. At the appropriate length, staple the ends together.
6. Attach the bracelet to the underside center of the spider using the paper fastener.
7. Glue on the wiggly eyes and the “fangs” that you design and cut from the white paper to the topside of the spider’s head.
8. The child puts his/her fingers or wrist through the bracelet…the kids can make their spiders creep and crawl with a back & forth rocking motion of their wrists. The paper fastener allows the spider to turn back and forth or 360 degrees, too!