Parents as Teachers: Getting Parents Involved

The first step in involving parents in the education process is to remember they are there. We often get focused on our job and forget that parents could be a valuable time-saving resource. Changing your perspective means brainstorming a way to have them help with a lesson at home, share an experience with your class, make a treat for an end-of-the-week party, read to your class, have them enlist the support of their business in donating supplies, make phone calls in the evening, run off papers at school or at work, drive for field trips, donating their old magazines or daily newspapers, or bring the family dog to school. And parental involvement shows their children they care.

Host an evening or after school event in your classroom where parents are encouraged to participate. Asking for help with a task as simple as collating and stapling handouts or organizing an area of the classroom is often all it takes to make them feel more comfortable and to get more involved in the future.