Slur, Ties and Phrases for lower brass instruments

Submitted by: Mrs. Carroll

Students will be able to:
Slur at least two notes on either the trombone or the euphonium. Trombone slurs will be articulated with a “thoo.”
Explain through words and without words, what a slur is.
Explain through words and without words what a tie is.
Recognize a slur marking and be able to tell the difference between a slur and a tie.

Euphonium OR Trombone, Standard of excellence book one, handout of chalkboard and chalk.

Teacher Preparation:
General knowledge of ties, slurs, phrases. Ability to play a little euphonium and trombone.

Opening statement:
Has anyone ever seen one of these in their music before? > > Draw a curved line.
Have students find examples in their book and name them if possible. May be Slur, Tie, or a phrase marking.
Identify and define a tie. Have students play tied notes in a book or hand out.
Identify and define a slur. Demonstrate slurred and un-slurred notes on euphonium. o Tongued is falling from a tree and hitting branches and leaves on the way down. Slur is falling from a tree but not hitting any branches.
Difference between slur and tie o Looks: slur (different pitches) and tied notes (same pitches).
Have Euphoniums slur by playing long F and then by fingering an Eb quickly, without using any tongue.
Ask trombone to try to slur. (May gliss) Tell them to lightly say “thoo” instead of “too” as a tongue. Play back and forth between F and Eb.
Have everyone slur F to Eb and back to F.
Ask class what notes are slurred and which is tied on line 2 of the handout. Ask class how they will tongue this. Sing tonguing. Class play line 2 on handouts.

Explain phrase marking, and how it is just like a punctuation mark. A comma or a period. Also means a good place to breathe.
EX: “My name is Luca. I live on the second floor.”
Like landing on a branch for a moment while falling from a tree, long enough to take a breath and keep falling.

Look at line 3 and 4.
Ask class where the slurs, ties, and phrase marks are.
Ask class how many counts do you hold the tied notes for.
Ask class where to breathe
Go over fingering for B-natural or other new notes.
Sing tonguing for line
4. Play line 4 as a class.
Sing tonguing for line
3. Divide class and have class play lines 3 and 4. Switch.
Ask class?
To define, demonstrate, or point out slurs, phrase markings, and ties.
How do you articulate a slur on a trombone?

Playing and recognizing slurs, ties, and phrase markings in band/orchestra music.

Real World Usage:
Modify to use on different instruments.

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  1. “Thoo” would be incorrect articulation for brass. This would make the tongue go through the teeth which is not what should be done. Trombone “Slur tongue” would be more like “doo or loo”. Good lesson otherwise.

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