January 27, 1999
Submitted by T2T subscriber Sally Olson.

It’s almost Pavlovian in nature, and sure to make your students’ mouths drool. It’s OREO Day, and this is the last year of the millenium you can take advantage of it.

Write the date on the board, such as tomorrow’s date of 1-28-99. Then write an O under the odd numbers and E under the even numbers:



The first time you do this, ask what letter can be added to make a word we all know. Eventually someone will realize the mystery word is OREO. As a reward, everyone can get an Oreo cookie. From then on every day you can ask if it’s an OREO day, and the students can figure it out, so to speak. Someone might figure out there are no OREO days in February or April, and none at all in 2000.

Yes, simple in nature, but a good reason to eat cookies in the classroom.