Synonyms and Antonyms

Objective: Students will review definition of synonyms and antonyms and identify them.
Resources: Teacher: sports section of newspaper for each pair of students. Student: pencil, paper.

1. Procedure: Ask students for examples of pairs of words that are synonyms. Write them on the board. Go through the same process for antonyms.
2. Have students define synonyms and antonyms. Write definition on the board (Synonyms-words that have the same meaning as another word. Antonym-words that have the opposite meaning.)
3. Discuss why learning synonyms and antonyms is useful in reading and writing (helps with reading comprehension and enables students to use more variety in their writing).
4. Allow students to work in pairs.
5. Hand out sports section from the newspaper to each pair.
6. Instruct students to rewrite headlines using as many synonyms as they can Example: KU defeats Nebraska (smashes, beats, tramples).
7. Next have students rewrite headlines using as many antonyms as they can.
8. Have students share their new headlines with the rest of the class.

Variations/Options: Play a word game, having students call out synonyms and antonyms after hearing a word you’ve given.