Adjectives, Adverbs and Advertising

Objective: The student will identify adjectives and adverbs and be able to use them correctly in a creative writing project.
Resources: Teacher: Variety of magazines, paperclips. Students: paper, pencil, scissors, marker.
Teacher Preparation: Cut out an ad from a magazine that, in large type, has examples of both adjectives and adverbs.

1. Procedure: Show class sample ad from magazine.
2. Write ad headline on blackboard.
3. List the adjectives and adverbs, circling with chalk.
4. Hand out one magazine and paper clip for every two students.
5. Have students work in pairs to cut out ads from a magazine, underline the adjectives and adverbs with a marker, then paperclip the ads together.
6. Instruct students to have two column on their paper, one for adjectives and one for adverbs.
7. Have students list 10 adjectives and 10 adverbs with modified words in parentheses.
8. Check with each pair of students to determine if the words listed are the correct parts of speech.
9. Working with their partner, have students write a 2-3 paragraph about Christmas (or other theme) incorporating their lists of adjectives and adverbs.

Variations/Options: Teacher can use subject other than Christmas.