Promote Reading at Home with a Snuggle Pack

T2T Contributor, Carrillo E. of, submitted this idea:

1. Sew your own or find 5 to 10 cloth bags big enough to hold 3-5 books. (A source for donated bags could be a nearby grocery store, or your local public radio or TV station that uses them as membership premiums.)
2. Make a card for each bag which lists the books contained in the bag.
3. Ask children to donate a small, clean stuffed animal for each bag.
4. Clearly number the outside of each bag.
5. Collect some special books, (use those book order points) and put a few books in each bag, maybe one subject per bag – humor, poetry, tall tales, seasonal, etc… The books should be a good length for a reading in one or two sittings.
6. Inside each bag place a paper which asks the student to identify her or his favorite book in that bag and tell a little about the subject, characters, setting and so forth.
7. Use a clipboard to hold a paper for checking the bags out. These are called “SNUGGLE PACKS” and they are only checked out on weekends with the intent of encouraging families to “snuggle-up and read some good books together”. When the children bring their pack back on Monday, they can receive extra credit for turning in the “Favorite Book” form. The stuffed animal has proved to be a most important component!