Interview Book Characters

Objective: Students will use reading comprehension and character study to understand a book character.
Resources: Teacher: none. Students: paper and pencil.
Teacher Preparation: This activity would take place after reading a book together in class.

1. Procedure: Write the names of the main characters on the chalkboard.
2. Talk about how character traits tell how a character looks, acts and feels.
3. Have students work in pairs. One will portray the part of the character they have chosen and the other student will play a reporter conducting an interview.
4. Instruct each pair to develop questions for the interview. They need to focus on character traits.
5. Give students time to practice the interview.
6. Using the prepared questions, each reporter will interview the character for the whole class or in groups of 6 to 8 students.

Variations/Options: Each student can be a character, then answer questions directed from the class.