Food Guide Pyramid

This nutrition lesson is prompted from our reading of “How to Teach Nutrition to Kids” by Connie Liakos Evers, MS, RD. This easy-to-read book is packed with information and activities that, although targeted to educate 6-10 year olds, can be appropriate for all ages. You’ll find the expected coverage of the food pyramid and understanding FDA Nutrition Facts for food packaging, but there are plentiful cooking activities and exercises for the standard classroom subjects – science, social studies, even performing arts – as well.

Teacher Preparation:
Locate a copy of the food pyramid here.

Procedure Ideas:

1. Introduce the Food Guide Pyramid, explaining the number of servings suggested for each group.
2. Ask students to record what they eat and drink for a specified amount of time, preferably a week or more.
3. After each day, have students place foods they’ve consumed into the proper food group.
4. Have students check their food records for balance. Are their diets out of balance?
5. Have students write about what they would do to change their diets to come up with a better balance.

Taken from an worksheet in How to Teach Nutrition to Kids, have students categorize foods advertised in an hour of Saturday morning kids’ TV shows, listing not only food groups, but also various junk foods, beverages, and fast food.