Writing: Where Is It?

Submitted by T2T Contributor, Lee Robbins

Students will improve in their ability to describe place and location in their writing.

Numbered small paper objects (about 2 inches tall). This can be seasonal. You could use pumpkins, Christmas trees, even cartoon characters…I used Easter eggs. Number them from 1 to around 20. Each team will need paper numbered from 1 to 20.

Teacher Preparation:
1. Make a chart and pre-teach a lesson on common prepositions (on, over, beside, above, under, etc.)
2. Hide your numbered objects around the room. Place some so they can be easily found, others in more difficult places.

Divide the students into groups of 4. Two children are the searchers and two are the recorders. When you say “Go”, the two searchers begin looking for a numbered object. When they find one, they return to their group and whisper to the recorders exactly where they found it. The recorders write it on their paper in a complete sentence. This should all be done quietly so other teams don’t hear what they found. The objects can be found in any order.

When the time limit is up (15 minutes is good) have students share their answers. Give a point for each correct response. The team with the most points wins.

Real World Usage:
Use teams of two children. That would allow more children to be walking around the room if you have the space.