Order Out!

Objective: The student will apply multiplication, planning and calculator skills by using an order out bill.
Resources: Teacher: Several take-out menus. Students: paper, calculator, pencil.
Teacher Preparation: Locate take-out menus from restaurants or fast food carry-outs..

1. Procedure: Divide class into cooperative working groups.
2. Hand out menus to each group.
3. Write the following headlines on the chalkboard and ask a student from each group to copy the information: Quantity, Item, Unit Price, Total Price.
4. Students plan and order-out lunch for their group, with each student selecting what they want and totalling their price.
5. One student from each group writes their choices under the headings.
6. Students use the calculator to find the total price.

Variations/Options: Before the students begin, ask them to estimate how much money it will take to feed the group. Students can also be assigned a certain amount of money to spend; they must order using as much of the money as possible without going over the budget.