Problem Solving: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Objective: Students will use different problem-solving strategies, and creative writing.

Teacher copies of Brian Wildsmith’s “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”
Student: pencil, paper, calculator.

1. Procedure: Hand out copies of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.
2. Read through the song with the class.
3. Ask students to solve the problem of how many presents were given.


* Use this lesson as an opportunity to explain sequences, in this case 1+12 six times to find the answer.
* Students can research prices of each gift.
* Have students substitute present-day items that they think might be more appropriate.
* Discuss the historical context of each gift from the song.
* Have students write their own rap version of the song.
* Students can do a creative writing exercise describing the consequences of having all these gifts around twelve days or twelve weeks AFTER Christmas.