I’m Dreaming of a Rhyme Christmas

Grades K-12

Objective: Students will use rhyming and poem writing skills. Plan the difficulty of this assignment based on your grade level.
Resources: Teacher: none. Student: pencil, paper.
Teacher Preparation: none.

1. Procedure: For younger students, have them call out loud giving words that pertain to Christmas (or other seasonal celebration).
2. Have students write these words on a piece of paper, then add rhymes next to those words.
3. Students will use those words and rhymes to write a Christmas poem. Older students might be given a topic to tie in such as homelessness, stopping violence, looking to the next century, hope and peace for the world, etc.

Variations/Options: Poems can tie in with the tip above; give poems to students’ school newspaper for publication; draw pictures to go with poems and decorate hallways; make a serial poem with each student contributing a line or two.