Acrostics M.O.T.I.V.A.T.E. Your Students

If you spent your summer going to workshops or inservices, you know they go hand-in-hand with motivational exercises and displays. What works for teachers works for students too, and one of our T2T subscribers recently got the ball rolling with ideas for acrostics. Have your students come up with acrostics for your school mascot, school name, teacher’s name, or even individual students’ names. For example:

Let yourself do better.
Invite a challenge.
Open your mind.
Now is the time for improvement.
Supply our group with new ideas.

For those of you that want to start the year with one ready to go, we’ve compiled the entire alphabet, with a lot of help from T2T contributor, Allison Miller. Feel free to add to the list by posting in the comments section below.

A — Anybody can be a friend
A — All ideas count
A — Always do your best
A — Appropriate behavior is expected
A — Assignments are to be turned in on time
A — Always put your best foot forward
B — Be prepared for class (homework, supplies, books)
B — Be polite to others
B — Be respectful to yourself and others
B — Be kind
C — Consider others
C — Care for our classroom
C — Cooperate with your classmates
C — Challenge yourself
D — Drop a kind word to a classmate
D — Do your best
D — Develop new skills daily
D — Don’t give up
E — Everyone can do their best
E — Expect success
E — Enjoy learning
E — Erase negative thinking
E — Enter ready to learn
E — Establish good study habits
F — Finish your work
F — Friends share
F — Find good qualities in others
F — Focus on the positives
G — Goals can be acheived
G — Give a helping hand
G — Great attitudes help learning
G — Get ahead by working hard
G — Get organized
H — Help others
H — Have fun
H — Hand in your best work
H — Help each other
I — Imagination takes you places
I — Integrity
I — Involve others when playing
I — Investigate new learning
I — Interact with others appropriately
I — Innovate
i — Ignore all insults
I — Invite others to join your game
J — Jump for joy when you succeed
J — Just do your best
K — Kindness is expected
K — Keep trying
K — Kids are special
K — Kindness counts
K — Keep your supplies organized
L — Learn new things
L — Laugh with your friends
L — Listen carefully
M — Make the most of your time
M — Make new friends
M — Mind your manners
M — Manage your time and space
M — Never give up
M — Notice the positives about your classmates
N — Nurture each other
N — Name and date on all papers
N — Never settle for less than your best
N — Never give up
O — Open your mind
O — Obey classroom and school rules
O — Organize your space
O — Open up your mind to learning
O — Offer your help to others
O — Obey school and classroom rules
P — Prompt in all ways
P — Prepared to work
P — Productive for the entire class period
P — Polite to all
P — Perservere
P — Play fairly
P — Participate in class
P — Prepare for the future by studying now
P — Practice makes perfect
Q — Quitters never win
Q — Quiet in the halls
Q — Quality work is importantRespect yourself and others
R — Reach for the stars
R — Remember to follow classroom rules
R — Responsible students complete assignments on time
R — Respect yourself and others
R — Rise above your problems
R — Responsible students are prepared for class
S — Strive for success
S — Smile and have fun
S — Share with others
S — Set reasonable goals for yourself; then work on them
S — Strive for success
S — Schedule time to complete homework
S — Study each night
T — Take time to check supplies every morning
T — Think before you act
T — Treat yourself and others with respect
T — Try your best
T — Teach someone something new
U — Use your time wisely
V — Volunteer to help
V — Victory can be yours
W — Waste not, want not
W — Winners never quit
W — Wear a positive attitude
X — X out your negative attitude
X — X-pect success
Y — You will do great if you follow the rules
Y — You can do it!
Z — Zap negative thoughts
Z — Zero in on your strengths
Z — Zoom in on the positives
Z — Zero in on the task