Virtual Reality History Museum

Overview: Students bring a famous person to life.
Teacher Preparation: Schedule library or Web surfing time.
Procedure Ideas:

* Students pick famous or important people to research.
* Look for facts, amusing anecdotes, quotations, etc. about their person.
* Students use gathered information to create a one-person play or performance piece on their character. They should be knowledgeable enough to be able to answer questions posed by the rest of the class.
* Create costume and props for a presentation.
* Practice speeches/performances.
* Set up your classroom or library as a “Virtual Reality Museum” to let other classes visit. Presentations can be done individually, or can take place simultaneously, allowing other students to wander from character to character, interacting with the historical characters one-on-one.
* If students used the Web for research, the “characters” could surf back to the sites they found to show their “audience”.