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White, Write, Wipe

November 8, 2010 Teachnet Staff 0

Similar to handing out individual chalkboards for student use, whiteboards are the new answer to board work. For better or worse, they are now replacing some of the larger green chalkboards many classrooms have on their walls.

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Rainbow Writing

October 26, 2010 Teachnet Staff 1

Rather than having kids write their words 3-5 times each every week (boring!), allow them to pick 3-5 colors and “rainbow write” their words.

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Word Walls: Beyond Spelling Words

October 25, 2010 Teachnet Staff 1

Are your students still struggling with some of those spelling words from weeks ago? Are you interested in ways to introduce new vocabulary or encourage more “colorful” writing? With a little bit of planning beforehand, a word wall is not only a great use of bulletin board space, but an excellent learning tool for your students. According to T2T contributor, Sally Olson, “A word wall is a systematically organized collection of words displayed in large letters on a wall or other large display place in the classroom.” There really are no set “rules” for word walls and you will find plenty of variations on the idea. Below, contributors to our T2T mailing list share some of their ideas and opinions. Be sure to check out Sally Olson’s contribution as well, which includes 24 activities for word walls and a word list.

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Spice Up Your Spelling Words

October 25, 2010 Teachnet Staff 6

When rote doesn’t work, it’s time to reach into your bag of tricks to make spelling special. Third grade teacher Sally Engle is the inspiration for this list of interesting things to do with spelling words. Many of these exercises can be done at home, with a parent sending a note back that the words were completed.