Capacity Song

Submitted by: Kim Brause

Students will be able to identify all equivalent measurements of capacity by singing this song each day!

Song Sheet per child Song Poster A Willingness to sing the song several times a day!

Teacher Preparation:

My students learned their capacity measurements in a flash with this song, and they always ask to sing it – despite the fact that our measurement unit ended long ago! Sung to the tune of “I Wish I Had a Nickel, I Wish I Had a Dime…” Capacity Song 8 ounces is one cup, 1 cup is one pint, This memorizing song, Will help us get it right! Let’s keep this song going, Until the very end, 2 pints is one quart, 4 quarts is a gaaallllon!

Our class held a mini-contest each day to see which child could correctly recite the song, with the thought being that if they knew the song, they’d know each measurement!

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