DIY: Art Turntables for the Classroom

Marker drawing on paper using DIY turntable

While looking for an inexpensive way to make turntables for classroom use, I stumbled onto using two plastic cups, one inside the other. The two key components to making this work are dead simple.

Way To Glow! Free Printable Light Bulb Reward graphic

A fun (and free!) light bulb graphic for you to print, trim and hand out as you see fit.

Selling Yourself: Creating the Ultimate Teaching/Interview Portfolio

Whether you are a 20-year veteran or just starting out, a portfolio should be a key component of your teaching tools. Portfolios are a nearly universal requirement for the hiring process, but if you already have a secure job you should view a portfolio as your insurance against unforseen district shake-ups. Keeping one of these self-promotion tools up-to-date also can be a good exercise in self-evaluation.

April Fool’s Day

How do you trick your students? We want to know! One T2T contributor tells us that she prints the morning lesson backwards so her students have to turn it over and hold it up to the light to read it.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Incorporate a weather activity into your March lessons to test the famous March saying. Brainstorm with students what aspects of weather determine its ferocity or calmness. After listing things like temperature extremes and precipitation types and wind speeds, draw a calendar grid on the chalkboard or large sheet of paper, then each day, make notes […]

DIY Kites

Kites are a welcome outdoor project after being cooped up inside all winter, right? In fact, they’re the perfect celebration of the end of winter. Students study and create their kites indoors, and then you just wait for the ideal weather to take them out for testing. For the younger students, try a quick and easy Paper Bag Kite. Older students can tackle the Tetrahedral Kite, which can be scaled for a large or small format creation.

1-10 Number Bar Blackline: Vertical PDF Download

Click here to download this horizontal 1-10 Number Bar classroom worksheet as a PDF. Click here for the horizontal version of this blackline.

Clover Search Game

Ian McCall has designed two wonderful exercises that are great practice for younger children and fun for kids of all ages. We were quite taken with his Clover Patch Search game, where you browse among square photos to find the clovers, and maybe even a four-leaf clover!